Give him your heart, and he will give you his

Here is a favorite look of one of our golden retriever puppies who hopes for adoption

Golden Retriever Adoption Overview

Here are the steps to adopt a Galaxy golden retriever puppy:

  1. Make sure to read through our FAQ section .
  2. Look through our dams and to determine your litter of interest.
  3. Fill out our very simple adoption application form below.
  4. We will call you so we can both find out more information about one another.
  5. Once approved as a home, we will email you our contract.
  6. Your reservation spot for a Galaxy puppy will be secured when we receive your $500 deposit.
  7. The remaining $1,950 is due at time of the 7 week selection appointment.

See more detailed specifics after the end of the form below.

Galaxy Goldens
Puppy Adoption Application

Buyer and Spouse Name:
Date of Birth:
Home Phone#:
Cell Phone#:
First names and ages of children in home:
Preferred gender of puppy:
Male    Female
Will you take the other gender?
Yes    No

Which females interst you? Are certain puppy characteristics (temperament, size, color, head shape, etc.) important to you? Please list them and rate their importance 1 to 5 (5 - very high, 4 - high, 3 - average, 2 - low, 1 very low)

Please list your other pets:
Will pup be neutered or spayed?
Yes    No
Have you owned a golden previously?
Yes    No
Where will the puppy sleep and play?
Is everyone in the home in complete agreement about getting the puppy?
Yes    No
How soon are you looking to get a puppy?


All Litters Are Sold With Limited Registration Only (No Breeding). Our puppies are $2,450, plus shipping if needed. A deposit of $500 is required to reserve a spot in line to select a puppy after the litter is whelped. Picking order is based upon the order of deposits received. The breeder reserves the right to have first pick of the litter. We are so confident that you will not find a better litter, that your deposit is fully refundable if you change your mind at any time before the puppies are born. After the whelping, we will begin to send out pictures of the puppies so you can enjoy them with us! We will call you and schedule two appointments with us.  First, the selection appointment where you will visit with us in our home, meet and interact with the sire and dam, play with the puppies, and make your selection.  Second, the pickup appointment where we will sit down together in our family room, go over paperwork and some basic training, and you take your new family member home.

At the selection meeting, relying upon some behavioral testing we have done with each individual puppy, and our weeks observation, we will seek to aide you in any way possible as you make your decision on picking the puppy that best fits your family. It can be really difficult to choose between “Magnificent”, “Glorious”, and “Outstanding”☺. The rest of the payment ($1,950), will be due at time of the selction appointment (when the puppy is 7 weeks old). All funds should be made payable to “Galaxy Goldens”.