Give him your heart, and he will give you his

Look at this happy family with their English Golden Retriever Puppy from Belle’s last litter

English Golden Retriever Puppy - Letters

Hello Paul & Jan,

Tigger is the most wonderful dog...he is as sweet and friendly and beautiful as can be. He is by far the talk of our neighborhood and we always get compliments on his unique coat and his sunny disposition. We stopped crating him a few months ago although we have an area for him to chill in while we are at work and school. Our dog walker comes twice a day and they have become best friends. He loves to snuggle with us at night and especially loves waking the children up for school after I leave for work. He loves to play and explore outside and has even ventured into the pool once or twice. We love him so much...we can't imagine what it was like before he became a part of our family.

We attached some pictures for you to see...He actually does look like he's smiling all the time!!

Hope all is well with you and your family-
Lisa, Jordan, Brandon, Jillian and Tigger


What a cute picture!

Snow is wonderful! Very calm, sweet, loving...She and Lauren are best buds! Snow would rather sleep in the bed with you, but still prefers her crate. We had her spade back about 4 weeks ago, she bounced back in no time. She loves the water, chasing tennis balls, eating the bushes in the yard. I would guess she's around 52 - 55 lbs, coat is beautiful. I get asked often "where did I get her", noone has really seen many English Creams. We're doing great, hope ya'll are too. let me know when you have more pups, I have people asking all the time. I've attached some recent pics.


English Golden Retriever Puppy - Testimonies

Hello Jan,

We are all doing well, thank you, and hope you are too. Sam is a joy, and has the sweetest personality of any dog I have known. We were stopped on our walk the other day by a young mother with two toddlers who wanted to know if Sam was an English Golden and where we got him. I told her all about you.

Mary & Steve

Hello Paul & Jan,

It's good to hear from you again. Rami is doing great and has adjusted very well. He loves people and other animals and is always ready to play.

This is a picture I took when Rami was 6 months old. He has turned out to be a beautiful dog and everywhere we go he gets plenty of attention.