Give him your heart, and he will give you his

Picture of China, mother of our best Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden Retriever Puppies Vitals

Fresh Sex From Marrianhouse

(We apologize for the name chosen by the overseas breeder)


Sired by 2 time World Champion (2009, 2011), Dewmist Silk Screen

Color:  Cream with light golden accents
Weight:  80 lbs.
Health Clearances:  (see our philosophy of English Golden Retriever Breeders)

  • Hips:  OFA# GR-CA16981/15F/C-PI
  • Elbows:  Normal GR-EL26062F44-VPI
  • Eyes:  Clear, CERF #GR-42867/2009--16
  • Heart:  Normal, OFA #GR-CA16981/15F/C-PI

Now that’s one boxy headed female
The regal queen
China’s Dam: Sharon
China’s Sire: Storm


Golden Retriever Puppies Description

China is the regal queen of our goldens. As the daughter of a World Champion, she certainly exhibits the incredible temperament, intelligence, and beauty you would expect. She is large in size yet gentle. She will walk over, lick our 1-year-old baby, and let her grab her ears. She is loyal, obedient, and great with our 5 young children. What causes her to stand out among our magnificent goldens is her exquisite coat, her playfulness, and her boxy head. She loves to playfully mix it up with our other dogs and spins in circles when she gets excited. China has a beautiful boxy head which she got from her father.

Cosmetically, China’s coat is average length and incredibly soft. Regarding color, in the English Golden Retriever range from golden to light cream, China is cream with light golden highlights. When we pair her with Romeo, our cream golden retriever stud, they produce English golden retriever puppies with wonderful attentiveness, incredible coats, and gorgeous heads.

If you are seriously interested in possibly adopting please visit our puppies page and follow our golden retriever adoption process.  Golden retriever puppies from a China litter tend to reserve early because of her sire’s multiple World Champion titles.

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