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• How does an English Cream golden retriever differ from an American golden?
• Is there such a thing as a "white golden retreiver"?
• What is the difference between a Galaxy puppy and another breeder’s puppy?
• How much is a puppy?
• What is involved in the cost of the puppy?
• Can you ship a puppy?
• What is your procedure for buying a puppy?
• Do you sell your puppies as pets or with breeding rights?
• What is your best litter?
• Should I get a male or female?
• Can I get the ‘pick’ of the litter?
• When can I pick my new puppy?
• When can I get my new puppy?
• When I get my puppy, will he have been to the vet and had shots?
• How do I train my new puppy?
• What if I cannot keep my puppy?
• Where are you located?
• Do you puppies come with a guarantee?

How does an English cream golden retriever differ from an American golden?


First of all, they are not two different breeds.  They are both recognized by the AKC as golden retrievers.  The term "English cream golden retreiver" is used in the U.S. to distinguish dogs whose very recent genetic lines are from European kennels. Overseas, they refer to their beloved dogs as just "golden retreivers".  But, because of the different genetic lines in the English or "European" goldens, there are 4 main differences:

Health – The English retriever tends to be a healthier dog than the American retriever. Comparing studies from the Golden Retriever Club of America vs. the British Kennel Club, you can see that:

  • 62% of American goldens will die because of cancer
  • English goldens are 37% less likely to die from cancer
  • The average life span of an English golden is reported to be 15% (19 months) longer than an American golden.
Additionally, it seems overseas breeders have been more consistent in doing helath testing over multiple generations, in order to weed out dogs with higher genetic tendencies toward problems chronic to the golden retriever breed (especially hip and elbow dysplasia). The result is the English lines should have a lower incidence of these health problems.

Temperament – Even though American goldens are great, you have to experience the slightly more mellow temperament which sets the English golden apart and endears them to so many families.

Structure – The English golden retriever appears to have a slightly stockier build, a blockier head, and is built a little lower to the ground.

Coloring – The English retriever often has a lighter colored coat than an American.

Because of the apparent health advantages and the more laid back temperament of the English golden retriever, we are forever committed to only breeding 100% English Cream golden retrievers.

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Is there such a thing as a "white golden retriever"?

Absolutely not. The breed standard on the official web-site of the UK kennel club states that the colour may be "any shade of gold or cream, neither red nor mahogany.  A few white hairs on chest only, permissible."  See

Our goldens range in color from very light cream to cream with some carmel highlights.

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What is the difference between a Galaxy puppy and another breeder’s puppy?

Two big differences are Nature and Nurture. We know that neither is the key by itself. It is the careful attention to both that makes your Galaxy puppy “out of this world”.

A Galaxy puppy comes carefully bred from Sire and Dam with world class genetics for increased likelihood of superior health, temperament, intelligence, and beauty. Each puppy comes from World Champions (at least 5 World Champion titles the pedigree), not just champions. That means those World Class qualities are being passed down to your puppy.


Health: We show you proof that we have done the 4 important and expensive health testings: hip, elbow, heart, and eyes (see the Canine Health Information Center’s required tests for breeding golden retrievers at

Additionally, we go beyond recommended testing to ensure your puppy is free from genetic diseases of PRA1, prcd-PRA (both of which cause blindness), and Ichthyosis (which can be a seriousl skin disorder).

Temperament: From their World Champion heritage, our English goldens have the classic, loyal temperaments we require around our children and you desire for your family.

Intelligence: Coming from a lineage of World Champion trained dogs, your Galaxy puppy should possess superb genetic intelligence, enabling him (with good consistent training) to quickly learn potty training, obedience to basic commands, dog tricks, or even specialized training.

Beauty: Your Galaxy puppy possesses stunning beauty because his World Champion predecessor’s gorgeous structures and luxurious coats have been passed down. Plain and simple, superior genetics contributes mightily to a superior puppy. As an example, just look at the pedigree of our English Golden Retriever.

The 8 weeks we raise your puppy is a foundational time. Every Galaxy puppy comes from a loving, intentional environment that gives your puppy and your family these important advantages:

Love – All our golden friends stay inside with us, loved as part of our family. Since we are not a huge puppy factory, we have the opportunity to love each of our adults and puppies. All litters are born and raised inside our home. A more loved golden momma and puppy means a more loving puppy coming to join your family.

Health – People feel better, have fewer problems, and are more fun to be around when they eat a healthy diet, take vitamins, and go to the doctor when needed. The principle holds for puppies too!

Diet – All our beloved goldens have these dietary advantages:

  • Eating top quality Purina Pro Plan Puppy food, specifically formulated for large breeds, that is high in nutrients and low in additives
  • Adults receive high quality vitamin supplements daily (including EPA & DHA)
  • Puppies receive vitamin drops added into their blended food during the weaning process to ensure their best development
  • Adults and puppies receive daily Nu-Vet immune system support suppliment.
Medical – Your Galaxy puppy will have the following advantages:
  • The best preventative deworming at 3, 5, and 7 weeks of age
  • His first 5-in-1 multi-shot vaccine at 6 weeks
  • Full health examination around 6 weeks of age
Socialization – Animal behaviorists agree that the social development of a puppy is critical in the early weeks of life. We personally handle our puppies daily (our children are supervised) and ensure they have adequate play time. This socialization enables their natural mellow temperament to blossom, making them the world’s best family companion, especially to children.

We keep every Galaxy puppy for a full 8 weeks so they get the modeling and socialization learning from the Dam and litter mates during critical 6 – 8 week age. Our puppies are raised inside our home, around the hustle and bustle. Since your Galaxy puppy has been daily experiencing the sights, sounds, smells, and feel of all the aspects of home life, including children, he should adjust well to your home.

Compatibility - Behavioral and Personality Testing – Galaxy puppies share the even temperament, intelligence, and gorgeous qualities because we are bringing together the best, world-class, genetic lines in our breedings. But every puppy is unique. Galaxy puppies are not “one size fits all”. So we conduct 10 different tests on every puppy and score them to assist you in your difficult choice of which stunning puppy is the best fit for your unique family.

After all, we see over and over again, that families have a momunmentally difficult task on puppy selection day, having to choose between "magnificent", "stunning", and "glorious"! They need all the help they can get! :-)

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How much is a puppy?

To qualified homes, our puppies are $2,450 including a $500 deposit.

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What is involved in the cost of the puppy?

Lots of love, research, time, and money is invested to import our world class goldens, test them, train them, care for them, wisely breed them, raise them, feed them, socialize them, and enable them to flourish. In essence, loving them well takes a LOT. But they are a joy so it is a labor of love.

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Can you ship a puppy?
We do not ship a puppy to a family that we have never met in person.  Occasionally, If we meet the family when the puppies are 7 weeks old, then we have shipped a puppy at 8 weeks of age. Also, families are welcome to pick their puppy up from our home at 8 weeks and fly with their puppy to their home. 

Most often, we place our English cream golden retreiver puppies with loving families in Metro Atlanta (including cities like: Alpharetta, Atlanta, Buford, Chamblee, Cumming, Dacula, Decatur, Duluth, Dunwoody, Gainesville, John’s Creek, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Roswell, Snellville, and Suwanee; and counties like: Gwinnett, Hall, Forsyth, Fulton, Dekalb, Cobb, and Cherokee county, among others).

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What is your procedure for buying a puppy?

Fill out our 1 page, golden retriever adoption application on-line. We will then give you a brief call because we think it is important for you to know us as a breeder and for us to know you a bit as a potential family for one of our precious puppies. We do give first priority to those who fill out the application over those who call or email us. If approved as a home, your order in the line of selecting a puppy from the litter will be based upon when your deposit is received. The rest of the payment, in the form of cash, USPS money order, is due at the 7 week selection appointment..

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Do you sell your puppies as pets or with breeding rights?

We sell almost all our puppies as pets only. Our goal is to enable loving families to share in our joy of these most wonderful creatures. We are open to selling a puppy with breeding rights to the right breeder who shares our costly, time consuming commitment to loving this breed and striving for their continuing improvement. Give us a call and we can talk.

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What is your best litter?

It really depends upon the specific characteristics you are looking for. While every Galaxy puppy will share the breed characteristics of a mellow temperament, striking intelligence, and stunning beauty (because of our top, world-class lines), no dogs are perfect. All our goldens have their unique strengths and areas in which they could improve, based upon their genetic heritage. On our application, please indicate your puppy preferences. When we call you back we can share our thoughts on the best match for you.

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Should I get a male or female?

Lots of people wrestle with this one because it is a complex question. But if you call us, let us know the personality of your family, your dog experience, and your preferences about dog personality, we will be glad to lend our experience to you in your decision process. While our males and females are equally mellow, gentle with children, and intelligent, many people have found some truth in an old adage , “Females say ‘Love me, love me, love me. Males say, ‘I love you, I love you, I love you.’ ”

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Can I get the ‘pick’ of the litter?

We do not charge more for the ‘pick of the litter’ (or for females). So, the pick of the litter goes to those who decide early on that they must have a Galaxy puppy and connect with us to wait for their favorite litter pairing.

We have truly found that what is pick of the litter for one family would not be for the next family. One family is looking for the most gentle and easy going puppy. Another is seeking very playful and outgoing. While a third family desires the largest, lightest colored male. Pick of the litter really depends upon what characteristics are most important to your family.

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When can I pick my new puppy?

Selection of your puppy occurs at 7 weeks of age because this is when we can do helpful personality and behavioral testing. We will schedule an appointment time (almost always on a Saturday) to have you in our home. We will sit down in our family room where you can meet the sire and dam. When you feel comfortable with their temperaments, we will put them behind a gate in the kitchen so we can open up the puppy pen, get down on the floor, and enjoy playing with the puppies without distractions! During this time we will share our insights into the puppies nuanced differences to assist you in your decision.

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When can I get my new puppy?

We keep puppies until 8 weeks of age so they gain the critical socialization from mom and siblings that occurs between the 6th and 8th weeks. We will have scheduled another visit time for you to come to our home when your puppy is 8 weeks old. During this visit we will give you a puppy packet with medical records, cover puppy training 101, and hand over your new bundle of joy!

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When I get my puppy, will he have been to the vet and had shots?

Yes, every Galaxy puppy is fully examined by the vet at 6 weeks, receives a 5-in-1 multi immunization shot at 6 weeks, and receives preventative deworming around 3, 5, and 7 weeks.

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How do I train my new puppy?

Regarding potty training, we recommend crate training and taking them outside often!  Also, find a good local trainer and have fun going through some basic puppies classes with your new friend. Developing good training habits early on will bring you many joyful years with a well-trained friend.

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What if I cannot keep my puppy?

We love our babies, even after you adopt them. We do not want one of our beloved puppies to end up in the pound or worse. If you are ever unable to provide top, loving care for your Galaxy puppy, contact us about surrendering him and we will be happy to find another loving family to adopt.

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Where are you located?

We are conveniently located in Peachtree Corners, off Hwy 141 and Spalding Drive (near I-85, I-285, and GA 400) on the North-northeast side of Atlanta, Georgia.

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Do your puppies come with a guarantee?

Absolutely. But as mom always said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The absolutely best guarantee is that we have done all we can to maximize the chance your Galaxy puppy will be healthy for their lifetime. We have meticulously researched and selected top goldens to breed from the world’s best kennels. We have made sure our Sires and Dam have passed the 4 recommended health tests (hips, elbows, eyes, heart) for the golden retriever breed, in addition to other testing. We have raised your puppy on top quality food, suppliments, and made sure they get their vaccinations and worming prevention. Okay, we take healthy pride in thinking that is much more than an ounce of prevention!   :-) . In the unfortunate, rare event that a genetic problem crops up, like hip dysplasia, most guarantees simply offer a replacement puppy. We do offer that but also another important option because we consider ourselves partners with your family in your quest for joy with your golden.. Most of our families are so attached to their adopted baby that they would never dream ‘trading him in for a new model’. The second, alternative option, is we will pay up to half of your original purchase price toward remedial measures.

Additionally, our contract offers an additional 18 month extension for those who give their puppy daily Nu-Vet immune system builder supplimets because we have come to see, first hand, the benefit it provides to our sweet babies.

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