Give him your heart, and he will give you his

Picture of our home where we are a Golden Retriever Breeder in Atlanta

Golden Retriever Breeders Atlanta Overview

We are a family oriented golden retriever breeder located in a very quiet suburb of Atlanta, GA. My husband and I are blessed to live with our children and goldens on 1.25 acres. My love for golden retrievers comes from my father, Sam, who passed away in 2005. He loved our goldens being with him while he jogged, gardened, and rode in the car. I have grown up around these magnificent creatures since 1985, when I was 13 years old. In 2007, I encountered an English Cream Golden Retriever and my heart was smitten. His incredibly mellow temperament captured my heart even more than his stunning beauty. I knew then and there that I wanted my family to share our lives with these glorious creatures, and to breed golden retrievers so other families could share in the joy.

Our name, Galaxy Goldens, comes from two thoughts.
First, you will not find a better breed of dog in this galaxy than the English Golden Retriever because they have:

  • Incredibly mellow temperament
  • Striking intelligence (4th most intelligent AKC breed)
  • Stunning beauty
  • Same loyal, family friendly personality of the American golden
  • Better health than the American golden
Second, we believe you will not find better English Cream golden retriever puppies from another breeder anywhere in Georgia, or even this galaxy! All our puppies come from fully health cleared sire and dam (for hips, elbows, eyes, heart, PRA, and Ichthyosis) and have at least 6 World Winner titles and 2 Vice-World Winner titles in their 5 generation pedigree, making them…
  • More intelligent
  • More trainable
  • Healthier
  • More mellow
  • Stunning

Golden Retriever Breeders Atlanta Philosophy

Our philosophy is three fold.

  • Be a Golden Retriever breeder who first love our dogs because they are magnificent creations and deserve the best.
  • Be a breeder who carefully selects the best genetic lines and conducts health testing so as to improve this awesome breed.
  • Be a golden retriever breeder committed to provide loving families with the most mellow, intelligent, healthy, and beautiful life companion possible.

To read more specifics about our breeding philosophy, please read the first two questions on our Frequently Asked Questions page.